What does it look like? – draft

We could describe the Grand Canyon, but at some point, you’ve just gotta see it for yourself. So, come for a tour, but let this description hold you over until then.

The worst part oTablef libraries and coffee shops is getting stuck sitting awkwardly close to people. We fixed that by custom-building large, spacious, solid wood tables with arm, leg, and wiggle room enough for the burliest of mountain men.


conference-md copyWe’ve got a large, sophisticated conference room inside of Vessel that sits 8 at the table and more around the perimeter if needed. Go ahead, invite those investors over. Oh, and it’s free to use, just book it and you’re good to go.


phoneNeed to make a quick call? Or want to talk about the Breaking Bad finale with your new work BFF but you’re afraid to spoil it for the people sitting next to you even though they should have watched it by now, I mean dang it’s been a year? Hop into one of our two phone booths. No need to book, these are first come, first served, and totally free.

coffeeThirsty? There’s a tap for that. We’ve got Cuvee Black and Blue cold brew coffee on tap, and fresh hot coffee on drip.


lock Your stuff’s safe with us. Reserved desks come with a locking, rolling filing cabinet, and for those sitting wherever the wind takes them, we’ve got a set of old school lockers to hold your trapper keepers.


forkknifeFridge? Yes. Water cooler? Yes. Ice? Yes. Eating accessories? Yes. What’s an eating accessory?! You know, cutlery, plates, cups, bowls (both paper and porcelain)

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