“I love Vessel Coworking! The people are awesome, the space is awesome, they have couches, meeting rooms, lots of light, oh and screaming fast internet. As a filmmaker, being able to upload a 2 GB video in 10 minutes is a huge advantage.” – Sam

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Vessel Coworking is a creative, productive community in Austin, Texas. We’re a room full of focused people who work most efficiently in a quiet, relaxed environment. We also love good conversation over tacos at our big kitchen table or helping each other troubleshoot issues on our Vessel Slack account. The vibe at Vessel is “get stuff done” meets “quirky” meets “I could totally meet my clients here.” Intrigued? Get a free day!

Located in north-central Austin, Texas, near St. John’s Avenue and I-35, Vessel offers freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers, small startups, and everything in between the space and amenities needed to get going or keep going. We opened in January 2015 as one of the initial startups created through Launch Ventures, a division of For the City that supports entrepreneurs as they run businesses that promote social good in our great city. A couple of our “sister” organizations through Launch Ventures that you may have heard of are RBI Austin and Crossfit Renew. Our cozy yet professional 40-seat coworking space is located on the second floor of the For the City Center, a one-of-a-kind hub of non-profits all under one roof in the St. John’s neighborhood. We’ve got organizations working with refugees and victims of human trafficking, foster care and adoption, post-imprisonment reintegration, and low income education and mentoring. The majority of Vesselers have no overlap with the non-profit world but have said that working in a building with such positive energy is an added benefit to their membership experience.

We could keep describing the Grand Canyon, but at some point, you’ve just got to see it for yourself. So, come for a tour, but let this hold you over until then:


Need to make a quick call or want to talk about the Breaking Bad finale with your new work BFF but afraid to spoil it for the people sitting next to you? Even though they should have watched it by now, I mean dang it’s been years. Hop into one of our two phone booths. No need to book, these are first come, first serve, and totally free.

The worst part of libraries and coffee shops is getting stuck sitting awkwardly close to people. We fixed that by custom-building large, spacious, solid wood tables with enough arm, leg, and wiggle room for the burliest of mountain men. Even our stand up desks are roomy.

Thirsty? There’s a tap for that. We’ve got Cuvee Black and Blue cold brew coffee on tap, and fresh hot coffee on drip. Plus, a fridge full of cokes and beer and a fancy shmancy water cooler with a sparkling water button so you never have to drink regular water again (what a nightmare!) Still thirsty? We’ve got tea, hot chocolate, and a bunch of those little water enhancer flavors to perk up your beverage!
Fridge? Yes. Water cooler? Yes. Ice? Yes. Eating accessories? Yes. What’s an eating accessory? You know, cutlery, plates, cups, and bowls (both paper and porcelain). We don’t just have plates for nothin’, we got a whole snack cabinet to tide you over before lunch or dinner. PB&J’s, popcorn, animal crackers, fruit snacks etc. are all on the house.
Our internet moves faster than a stolen Honda Accord. We’ve got personal Ethernet connections and dedicated WiFi so the only people on our network are Vesselers. One of our filmmakers described how fast our internet is like this, “Being able to upload a 2GB video in 10 minutes is a huge advantage.” Most people report 100 up 100 down speeds and we have capability for 200 up 200 down.

We’ve got a large conference room inside of Vessel that sits 8 at a table and more around the perimeter if needed. Go ahead, invite those investors over. Oh, and it’s free to use, just book it and you’re good to go.

We’re “safety first” kinda people. Both of Vessel entrances are locked 24/7. Your personal, members only, ain’t-nobody-else-gettin’-in-here access card is the only thing that’ll open the door. So go ahead, leave your grandmother’s diamonds strewn across your desk. (maybe don’t though)

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