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BIG NEWS! Vessel Leadership Transition!

The Vessel Ship is Getting New Captains!

Three years ago, I had the wild opportunity to start “a coworking space” out of what was then an empty room through For the City’s entrepreneurial startup program, Launch Ventures. I learned through trial and error and a good amount of unwarranted optimism how to found and brand and run and grow a coworking space and now Vessel is a permanent and prominent fixture in the Austin coworking landscape and we have hands down the best people in town working here. Pat yourselves on the back for being cool!

I want Vessel to not just maintain, but THRIVE and become home to even more people, so over the past few months I’ve worked with some very smart people on how to ensure Vessel continues to flourish. After much thought and prayer and work, I’m excited to let you know that I’m passing the torch to people who can take Vessel to newer, greater, deeper, broader, and more lasting levels. All the big and little reasons you love Vessel will become even more vibrant in the hands of some folks many of you already know and love: Beth and Steven Knapp.

Steven has worked at Vessel since the beginning. He knows and loves and is already a part of our culture, he understands and geeks out on business growth and sustainability, and he truly is one of the biggest dreamers, and more importantly DOERS I’ve ever met. His wife Beth is an incredibly successful entrepreneur who runs Mama Bird Box, a monthly subscription box for pregnant women for every stage of pregnancy. Together, they’re undoubtedly the best people I could ever imagine being co-captains of the Vessel ship. I honestly can’t wait to see what they do for Vessel.

So what am I going to go do? Many of y’all know I am extremely passionate about helping people get to where they want to go in their health and wellness goals. Struggling for so many years to get “well” myself, and finally finding stability, I’m more passionate than ever. I am currently enrolled in a year-long online program to become a Certified Integrative Health Coach and I’m so excited to start a new business where I can walk alongside and empower people to feel better.

Y’all. It is such an exciting time for Vessel. Join me in welcoming Steven and Beth…you’ll see them around a lot more in the coming weeks before they officially “take over” on Monday, September 18th. My last day at Vessel will be Friday, September 15. Reach out to Vessel if you’d like my personal contact info. Or (shameless self-promotion) you can follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my YouTube channel where I mix health and wellness with humor.

Keep on doing great work and I hope to see you all around our incredible town!

Forever Vesseling,
Sarah Coker

p.s. if you haven’t been around Vessel yet, grab a free day here!

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