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A Letter to You, The Employer

Dear Employer,

We’ve noticed over the past year or so that our amenities and quiet, focused culture has become a haven particularly for remote workers or folks who want to get away from their local Austin office a day or two a week to get things done. If you were sent a link to this letter, you probably have an employee who is interested in working at our space. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to convince you to let ‘em. Here’s our resume:

  • Our space is locked 24/7 and only members and staff have keys to get in.
  • 100 up/100 down wifi with Ethernet ports and electrical outlets at every desk.
  • Free Cuvee coffee and snacks. Less time away getting fuel = more time working
  • Conference room for 8 with TV and whiteboard is free for members
  • Private phone booths mean employees can take client calls with ease.
  • 250+ space free parking lot. Less parking stress means happier employees. Especially in Austin.
  • The room is quiet and focused every day, but there’s always social stuff to look forward to.

Convinced? Sign up here. Still curious? Here’s what our members have to say:

“Everyone at Vessel is focused so you feel motivated to work.”

“Vessel is a great network of wonderful people and a truly inspiring space.”

“I have more uninterrupted work time at Vessel. I’m more likely to focus on my assignments rather than clean the bathroom, pet the dogs, or mindlessly rummage around in the kitchen cabinets looking for chocolate.” (we have chocolate at Vessel, so, there’s that)

“My employer is very happy with how much work I have been able to get done since starting at Vessel. I have been able to take on more work outside of the current sprint. My QA department is having a hard time keeping up and constantly tell me to slow down or take a day off.”

“I am more productive, feel more creative, more focused, and produce work faster at Vessel than anywhere else I have worked.”

“My boss notices a higher positivity, and I have a more innovative and rejuvenated attitude toward my work.”

“My employer likes that I’m available for client meetings in a professional atmosphere.”

“I think I would have gotten fatigued a long time ago with working from home every day.  It worked for a few months, but working at Vessel has helped me sustain this remote working gig in a more enduring way.”

“I don’t work as late into the evening, so I spend time with family rather than pulling my hair out to meet deadlines. I feel more productive because I get dressed and interact with people.”

“Vessel better allows me to separate work and home. When I get home after a day at Vessel, I really feel like I am done with work for the day.”

“I’ve made new friends, and working at Vessel has helped me stay passionate about my creative and career endeavors. It has also made me, a remote worker, feel more connected with this city even though my job is based out of a different location. One of the main things I missed when I moved and started working from home was the camaraderie and friendships that I had in the office, and Vessel has helped me to fill the void with lots of fun and interesting people who do similar interesting and creative work.”

 “I like that Vessel is the kind of place where I can just sit and work. A lot of coworking spaces in Austin want you to get involved with networking events and I find that really annoying. The parking is fantastic and it’s also less than 3 miles from where I live so I barely have a commute. This has given me a lot more time in the day to do the stuff I enjoy.”

“The internet is faster and more reliable compared to coffee shops and my house. Having ready-made fresh coffee, drinks, and snacks also makes it easy to take breaks and replenish my energy with ease. Another perk of Vessel is how meeting other creative professionals in Austin enables you to sharpen your own skills, learn more, and network.”

So. At the very least we’d love to give your employee a free tour and trial day. Hope to hear from you soon.


Vessel Coworking

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