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It’s Easier to Work From Home

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It’s easier to work from home.

It is. When you’re facing an hour or more a day in traffic to get downtown to your office, trying to avoid frequent “hey do you have a sec (30 minutes) interruptions, or seeking a quiet, focused environment, working from home is an excellent choice. Whether your boss gave you the ok or you work for yourself, the perks of working from your couch are pretty incredible. Some of the most productive days happen away from the office.

There’s a “however.” Most people hit the “however” wall after working from home regularly or exclusively for more than a few weeks. New Vesselers are always telling us that if working from home is the EXCEPTION to the rule, it’s amazing! Best day ever! But when it becomes the rule, it quickly becomes draining. Vessel has been able to serve hundreds of people over the years who have hit this wall.

Here’s what some of our Vesselers have said about why working at Vessel is such a great thing.

“I have more uninterrupted work time at Vessel. I’m more likely to focus on my assignments rather than clean the bathroom, pet the dogs, or mindlessly rummage around in the kitchen cabinets looking for chocolate.” (we have chocolate at Vessel, so, there’s that) 

“I am more productive, feel more creative, more focused, and produce work faster at Vessel than anywhere else I have worked.”

“I think I would have gotten fatigued a long time ago with working from home every day.  It worked for a few months, but working at Vessel has helped me sustain this remote working gig in a more enduring way.”

“I’ve made new friends, and working at Vessel has helped me stay passionate about my creative and career endeavors. It has also made me, a remote worker, feel more connected with this city even though my job is based out of a different location. One of the main things I missed when I moved and started working from home was the camaraderie and friendships that I had in the office, and Vessel has helped me to fill the void with lots of fun and interesting people who do similar interesting and creative work.”

There’s also this guy who we’ve never met. We appreciate his honesty about mental health and how coworking helped.  

Come try us out one day. It’s free. You have nothing to lose. If you work for someone who you think might be supportive of you working at Vessel–and who might even pay for it, send them this letter that includes Vessel’s specs and even more testimonials.

We love providing a community for those who want community and quiet for those who want quiet. If you want to participate in a fun lunch or holiday party every so often, we’ve got that and we’ll pull up a chair for you. If you just want to put your headphones on, sit in the back, and crank, man…that’s our bread and butter. You can grab a cup of coffee and a snack and post up for a few hours of uninterrupted work time…and when you want to be around humans again and watch one of the March Madness games, there’ll always be a couple people on the couch in front of the TV with their laptops.

Book a tour and free day on this quick form.

See you this week?

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